29th July 2000 - The Inauguration

Sat, 07/29/2000 - 00:00

Welcome to the new and improved eurodressage.com website. Eurodressage was first launched on the internet early spring starting out with a series of in depth articles on European dressage riders and their mounts. Eurodressage will take over what
www.junior-riders.com has worked hard for over the past five years.

The name eurodressage was an invention of Astrid Appels and got first promoted by Mary Phelps. The duo has been steady partners since 1998. dressagedaily.com was the first site to promote the pursuits of eurodressage trying to create a niche audience.

Junior Riders is so much more than junior riders and the site grew out of its (riding) boots. With this site the Junior Riders Team hopes to enforcen its position on the cyber market
as the leading dressage site in Europe. Happy surfing and feel free to mail us your comments.

-- Astrid Appels (Editor)