Record Prices on First Day of 2000 CHIO Sales

Thu, 07/13/2000 - 00:00
2000 CDIO Aachen

The first day of the CHIO Sales of Westphalian and Rhinelander dressage talents, is already a big success.

The CHIO Sales, the international Nordrhein-Westfalen sales week, are in their 13th year and at the first day already six horses from a collection of 26 have been sold for altogether more than 1 million Deutsch Marks. A top price was paid for the 4 year old Rhinelander stallion Danny Wilde (by Donnerwind). Gudula Vorwerk-Happ, owner of the famous Oldenburg stallion station Gestut Vorwerk, is the new owner. 

330,000 DM was the cost to get into the ownership of Laverno, a Lanciano x Pik Bauer stallion who is also licensed. The dark bay Rhinelander Laverno is bred by Belgian Siska Depuydt-Vandecastelle from Maldegem. Laverno won the 2000 Rhineland-Westfalen meeting for young dressage horses under Katja Camp. Wolfgang Winkelheus from Bonn, Germany, will be the new trainer of this talent. A six number amount of money was also paid for the black beauty Duecento, a Davignon x Grossadmiral, who moves to Portugal.

Image: Danny Wilde, sold to Gestut Vorwerk