Harry Boldt Becomes 70

Wed, 02/23/2000 - 00:00
German Dressage News

Harry Boldt, the long time German Dressage Chef d'Equipe and one of the most successful dressage riders and trainers in the world, becomes 70 on 23rd February 2000.

Born in Insterburg, East Germany, Harry Boldt was 'diagnosed' with an innate gift for riding. His father was the highly renowned equestrian Heinrich Boldt, who supervised the important competition stable "Verein for Reitsport" in Essen during the 1930s. He was Harry's first instructor and through a premium but hard-knock training he moulded Harry into a promising rider.

Harry's passion layed in show jumping and his first ribbons were won by clearing national S-level jumping courses. However, after a while Harry's main focus went out to dressage. Trained by the legendary German Käthe Franke, Harry participated in international dressage derbies during the 60s. Up till 1979 he claimed three German Championship titles and won seven individual and eight team medals at various European and World Championships. A first apex was reached at the Olympic Games of Tokyo in 1964 where Harry was decorated with team gold and individual silver. The Westphalian Remus was at that time his partner-in-crime. The Olympics in Montreal only twelve years later produced a mirror-success to the one in Tokyo. Team gold and individual silver were once again hung round Harry's neck. This time it was his mount Woyczek who threw high notes in front of a distinguished panel of judges.

As a fifty year old Harry Boldt switched his competition career for a position as team coach of the German Dressage Team. Under his supervision, from 1981 to 1996, the German team gathered a total of 50 medals at Olympic, European and World Championships. 31 of them were gold. With this achievement Harry Boldt became the most prophitable trainer of all sport branches. Boldt, who received the German Riders' Gold Medal of Honour (Deutsche Reiterkreuz in Gold), is currently living in Perth, Australia. Besides the numerous students he brought to the top, it were Remus, Golo and Woyczek who bombarded him to stardom.

Text by the German Equestrian Federation 
Translated by Astrid Appels

Image copyrighted: Arnd Bronkhorst