Belgian Dressage Squads of 2018 Updated

Tue, 06/12/2018 - 08:25
Flore de Vos and Catcher at the 2018 CDIO Compiègne :: Photo © Astrid Appels

The Belgian Equestrian Federation has published an updated list of its dressage squads on its brand new website in May. 

With the team selection for the 2018 European Children, Junior and Young Riders Championships coming up rapidly after the 2018 CDI Diepenbeek at the end of June, the A-squad listed riders are in principle eligible for team selection. However, in several divisions the A-squads barely contain the minimum amount of riders to constitute a team (minimum 3) and team members for the Europeans will have to be picked from the B-squads. 

The May 2018 updated list of the Belgian Dressage squads includes:

Seniors - A-Team

  • Roos Laurence - Fil Rouge (BWP Stedinger x Argentinus)
  • Verwimp Jorinde - Tiamo (KWPN Lester x Hemmingway)

Seniors - High Potentials

  • Cool Isabel - Cheatodon (KWPN Vic x Jazz)
  • Devroe Jeroen - Hyrano (BWP First Junior x Weltgeist) 
  • Heylen Tom - Gucci ‘H’ (BWP Gribaldi x Wundermeyer)
  • Michiels Domien - Intermezzo vh Meerdaalhof (BWP Gribaldi x Balzflug)
  • Paulius Larissa -  Extasy (KWPN Don Massimo x Ferro)
  • Vanderbeeken Laurens - Happy Pia vd Bergenhoeve (BWP Abanos x Weltmeyer)
  • Verwimp Jorinde - Cape Town (RHEIN Conteur x Calambo)

Senior - B-team

  • Cool Isabel - Aranco V (KWPN Ferro x Ulft )
  • Verreet Katrien - Galliani Biolley (BWP Sir Donnerhal x Lanciano)

Under 25

  • /

Young Riders - A-Team

  • /

Young Riders - B-Team

  • Anthonissen Emily - Fair Diamond DHB (HANN Fairwell III x Royal Diamond) 
  • De Vos Flore - Catcher (KWPN Dreamcatcher x Jazz )
  • Hendrickx Suraya - Black Beauty (KWPN Gribaldi x 00Seven)
  • Luyten Laura  - Dark Chocolate (ZVDP Damon hill x  Florestan)
  • Mourlon Beernaert Louise - Robinho (HANN Rohdiamant x Wesley)

Young Riders - C-Team

  • Briclet Marie - Grande-elite (BWP Contendro x Canadian River) 
  • Van Der Voort Aurelie - Don Domingo (KWPN Webster x JetSet D) 
  • Wiggins Kate - Corona (KWPN Tushinski x Negro) 

Junior Riders - A-Team

  • Goethals Ann-Sophie - Eldorado-A (KWPN Vivaldi x Sandreo)

Junior Riders - B-Team

  • Jamar Sophie - Zoe 
  • Richmond Charlotte  - Hermes (BWP Dreamcatcher x Donnerschlag )
  • Vangheluwe Camille - FBW Rainman (WURT Rubicell x Rubinstein) 

Junior Riders - C-Team

  • Van Den Steen Amber - Dutch Lord (KWPN Lord Leatherdale x Hamlett )
  • Evers Leen  - Golany (BWP Sierappel x Walzertraum)

Children - A-Team

  • Colling Maité - Raphallo CL (HANN Rotspon x Lancier)

Children - B-Team

  • /

Children - C-Team

  • /

Pony Riders - A-Team

  • Mourlon Beernaert Clara - Don’t Dream WE (GER Don’t Worry x  Dressman)
  • Van Sinay Caro - Caspar W (Campari W x Desperado)

Pony Riders - B-Team

  • Arcq Lisa - Benji (GER Henry
  • De Jong Jette -  Ravelli (NFP, Polsburry Pirelli x Valentino) 
  • Niessen Zoe  - Minerva Bijou (RHEIN Boomer x Derbino) 
  • Van Nespen Marieke - Veenstra’s Benton (NED Keulsehoeve’s Zico) 

Pony Riders - C-Team

  • Arcq Lisa - Egg lands Ithalo (WELSH Orchard Boginov x Mariton’s Jasmer)
  • Smalle Esta  - Dollar Girl (WESTF Donnerwetter x  Night-star I)

Photo © Astrid Appels

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