24 Hours until the 44th P.S.I. Auction in Ankum

Fri, 12/08/2023 - 15:00
PSI Auction
Cat Nr. 13 - Even More (by Escamillo x Charmeur)

The 44th P.S.I. Auction will start tomorrow, 9 December 2023, at the P.S.I. Sport and Auction Center in Ankum and PSI kindly invites you to take a last close look at the quality collection of young horses Paul Schockemöhle and Ulli Kasselmann have hand-picked for you. 

  • 25 excellent young dressage horses with the highest potential for the top sport, including relations to vice world champion Vitalos FRH and successful dressage horses Bliss, Budhi, Saniola, Ferrari OLD, Fabuleux Coeur, Gremlin and Force Majeure to name but a few. 
  • 25 outstanding young jumping horses, including no less than four champions: (32) Conthargo PS by Conthargos, (34) Chacandro FLY PS by Chacfly PS, (41) Vendig by Van Gogh and (50) Casnina by Casallco.

Have you spotted your favourite, but still require more information? Now is the perfect opportunity to receive personal and professional advice from the PSI sales consultants.

Test rides can also be arranged until 2:30 pm on Saturday 9 December, don't hesitate to contact PSI for an appointment. 

How to bid and secure your favourite:

No matter where you are located: You can bid on site in Ankum or on the phone. If you have any questions about the bidding process, please contact PSI so that they can respond to your individual needs.

See you tomorrow at the P.S.I. Sport and Auction Centre in Ankum. Your success is our motivation!


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