Allround Package at the Verden Auctions

Mon, 10/22/2018 - 14:21
High health standards at the Verden Auctions :: Photo © Stefan Lafrentz

A Verden auction is always something special and attracts regular and new customers, almost every second month. Whether dressage, show jumping or eventing at the amateur or professional level – everybody finds his or her perfect match at one of the Verden auctions.

But how do you actually buy a horse at a Verden auction? What about the health status of the horses? Which horse suits me? What happens after the auction? These are the questions all customers would like to have answered.

Highest demands on health

„The best ones show up in Verden“ – and of course only horses with a perfect health status. Dr. Frank Reimann, official auction vet and vet of the Hannoveraner Verband, already inspects the horses during the selection stage. This inspection usually includes x-rays and a clinical examination. “Only horses without clinical signs or with justifiable vet results qualify for the auction,” explains Dr. Frank Reimann.

But the Verden auction vet is not the only one to decide, a team made up of auction management, veterinarian and insurance company is responsible for the final decision on admission or non-admission. But the work of the Dr. Reimann exceeds the preliminary auction stage as he is also responsible for recording the health status of the auction horses after their daily presentations during the two-week lasting auction time. He also offers fixed office hours for auction customers to discuss x-rays. This is to make sure that customers are on the safe side when purchasing a Verden auction horse!

Advice and assistance: Individual, any time and directly on-site

Individual consultation about the auction horses
It is particularly difficult for new customers to find their perfect partner out of a collection of regularly more than 100 riding horses. But potential auction customers are not left alone. The customer advisors of the Hannoveraner Verband provide deed and advice any time. They evaluate the demands potential customers put on their future horse and the most important requirements of the customers themselves in conversations and discussions. Following a detailed consultation, the advisors suggest suitable horses that can be ridden for testing purposes on-site. The basic conditions during these test riding dates are the same for all horses to ensure direct comparison.

All those who are looking for more detailed information can of course also contact the Verden auction riders and grooms. The members of the auction team are the ones who work closest with the auction stars for 10 days, and they know exactly about the personalities of each individual horse. The customer advisors are not only the ones to contact for individual advice, they also know everything about the Verden auctions. No matter whether information on the general auction procedure, payment or picking up the purchased horse – our customer advisors always provide the appropriate answer!

Insurance is a necessity!

„Sustainably insured“ – the Hannoveraner Verband ensures sustainable insurance coverage as prevention is better than cure! All horses sold at one of the Verden auctions are insured with Vereinigte Tierversicherung Gesellschaft a. G. (VTV) right from the beginning of the auction training time. The insurance contract is automatically passed on to the buyer after the auction, and the purchased horse enjoys insurance coverage for the first six months after the auction. The customer can then decide whether or not to continue insurance coverage. Summary

The collection of the Verden Auction on November 10th, 2018, features perfectly healthy, pre-selected and rideability-tested horses. Do not hesitate, browse our website and contact our customer advisors. You will be on the safe side with a horse from one of the Verden auctions – we will be happy to be of assistance!

Verden Auction on November 10th, 2018 - Sport horses

The Hanoverian Auction Team is ready for you
Photo © Tammo Ernst
You are looking for a horse? We have 82 talented young horses in our collection for the Verden Auction on November, 10th. The collection features 47 dressage and 35 show-jumping youngsters.

Some auction horses show a double talent and are suitable for dressage as well as show-jumping. It might also be possible to train them as an eventer. The auction horses have been selected so that not just professional riders but also amateurs and leisure time riders find their perfect match in Verden.

It is possible to follow the daily training of the auction horses and to try the horses during the preparatory training sessions from October 30 to November 9. Please arrange an appointment by telephone.

The auction will take place on Saturday, November 10th, starting at 2 pm.

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