Sarah Warne Publishes First Book: "Classical Training for the Good of the Partnership"

Sat, 03/17/2018 - 20:39
Classical Training for the Good of the Partnership

Over the years, Portuguese based Australian dressage rider Sarah Warne has shared her equestrian journey with the dressage world through her “Classical Training” articles on Eurodressage. Warne has now gathered her best articles in the book "Classical Training for the Good of the Partnership."

"This book is a compilation of my favourite articles plus a range of hints, common mistakes, and exercises for the rider who is passionate about their training and desires above all to establish a partnership with their horse based on trust and understanding," said Warne proudly about her first print publication. 

Aimed for the everyday rider and the rider who wants to maintain the classical principles in the competition arena, this book is set out so equestrian athletes can quickly access a current theme to refresh their memory on a certain topic or gather some useful exercises they can apply on a daily basis.

"The book also aims to address common psychological issues that go with riding so riders can use it as a go to when they need a quick reminder that they are not alone," said Warne. "We are in this journey together, the life long search for harmony and lightness, collection and engagement, the ability to not only create the classical seat but also the classical mindset, a mindset that allows us to overcome our own weaknesses in order to become a rider worthy of our horse."

Readers can purchase "Classical Training for the Good of the Partnership" via or