Emmit, Price Highlight of the 2023 Blue Horse Autumn Auction

Mon, 10/16/2023 - 11:57
Blue Hors Auction
Cristian Tudela Ruiz on Emmit, the price highlight of the 2023 Blue Hors auction

The 4-year old Emmit became the price highlight of the 2023 Blue Horse Autumn Auction held on Saturday 14 October 2023 during the Danish young horse championships at the venue. 

For the third year in a row, Blue Hors has hosted an autumn auction in which they sold a mixed collection of younger and trained dressage horses. This year a collection of 16 horses were auctioned and bidding happened live as well as online. Prices ranged between 8,500 and 58,000 euro.

Emmit was the best seller, receiving the highest bid of 58,000 euro. Just like in 2021 (Emilio) the top price in this auction was paid by a Belgian who sat behind the computer. The black gelding is by Escamillo x Conen and has been secured by Belgian team rider Flore de Winne.

Blue Hors Valenzo (by Veneziano x Dimaggio) fetched 52,000 euro, while Rambo (by Vivaldi x Romanov) found a new owner for 44,000 euro. 

Vitalito (by Vitalis x Conello) sold for 34,000 euro and remains in Denmark.

Blue Hors Valenzo
Fortnite (by Floriscount x Chequille Z) will stay in Denmark, just like the former licensed stallion and now gelding, Blue Hors Livius (by Gotcha Utopia x Jazz).

 First Sky (by Furst Wilhelm x Samarant) goes to Spain, the 4-year old Faraday (by Finnigan x Silberschmied) will relocate to Finland, and the 4-year old Edison (by Escolar x Sandro Hit) had the highest online bid from a British buyer.

The 9-year old Blue Hors Soletto (by Sorento x Belissimo M) sold online to a German bidder. 

The sales prices were removed from the online bidding platform. 

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