Thirty-Two Youngsters Qualified for 2010 VSN Trophy Finals

Thu, 11/26/2009 - 00:00
KWPN Breeding News

Thirty-two dressage horses qualified for the 2010 VSN Trophy Finals held at the KNHS equestrian centre in Ermelo, The Netherlands, on Saturday 9 January 2009.

All 3-year olds were judged on conformation and presentation under saddle. The average score of the dressage horses was 35,1. The finalists had to score above 37,5 points.

The selected horses for the 2010 VSN Trophy Finals are:

  • BOOGIE WOOGIE (ex Byoux Sent) (by Du Moulin HANN)
  • BOAZ (by Don Romantic OLDBG)
  • BON JOVI (by UB 40)
  • BELLE LADY TEXEL (by Krack C)
  • BEACH BOY (by Sorento OLDBG)
  • BARRICHELLO (by Universeel)
  • BONITO (by Uphill)
  • BELLESTRADE (by Olivi)
  • BOLSAN B (by Sandro Hit OLDBG)
  • B.B. KING (by Santano OLDBG)
  • BALLERINE (ex Baltimore) (by Negro keur)
  • TC BEAU DEUX (ex Byoux) (by Ravel)
  • BORENCIO (by Florencio WESTF)
  • BARRANCAS RAVA (by Don Picardi HANN)
  • TC BANDITH (by Samba Hit II . BERL-BRAND)
  • BRUËLL (by UB 40)
  • BRETTON WOODS (by Johnson)
  • PLEASURE'S BLITZ (by Painted Black)
  • BOTICELLI (ex Blof) (by Vivaldi)
  • BURIEL K.H. (by Osmium)
  • BARON (by Johnson)
  • BRAVOUR (by Painted Black)
  • BON JOVI (by Florett As WESTF)
  • BLØF (by Painted Black)
  • BIJOUX (by Sandreo)
  • BONBINI (by Oscar)
  • BARON (by Samba Hit II BERL-BRAND)
  • BARRYCHELLO (by San Remo HANN)
  • BERNARD (by Wilawander xx)
  • BEFORE YOU KNOW (by Scandic)

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