Measurement of All Ponies to take Place at 2009 European Championships

Tue, 07/28/2009 - 00:00
2009 European Pony Championships

This morning Eurodressage received word from FEI Dressage Director Trond Asmyr that there would not be a regular measuring of all the ponies at the 2009 European Pony Championships in Moorsele due to practical reasons.

The Championships start tomorrow morning with a vet check and the first part of the team championships test.

According to the FEI, a structure would be in place to measure all ponies which may seem too tall by the ground jury or the veterinary delegation at the vet inspection. The same is the case if a protest is made.

This FEI decision would definitely have breached fair play rules as ponies which stand slightly above the allowed limit are still trying to enter the 2009 European Championships.

Fortunately, the FEI reversed its decision. After a meeting held at FEI headquarters in Lausanne this afternoon, Trond Asmyr informed Eurodressage that all ponies will be measured!

The FEI released the following statement:

The decision had been taken not to measure every pony at this year's European Championship due to a lack of the properly qualified vets to do this. There was a concern that this is such an important matter that we must have people who are qualified to do this. Instead the system was put in place to measure on a basis where members of the ground jury were concerned about ponies.These should be measured and where members of NF Teams were concerned they also could lodge a protest. 

Following significant feedback from NF Chef D’Equipes it is clear that this solution is felt to be unacceptable and not in the interests of the sport. The FEI has, therefore, looked at the feasibility of using the Veterinary Commission to conduct the measuring and this is what will now happen. It is far from ideal since it will put a lot of pressure on the resources of the Vet Commission, however, it is felt to be the most equable and fair solution given the strength of feeling communicated by the Technical Delegate from the Chefs.

Eurodressage will be on the scene tomorrow at the European Championships to witness the measurement, vet check and to photograph the first part of the team championship test. A photo and text report will follow in the evening

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