Three Australian Teams to Compete at 2024 CDIO-PJYR Hagen Future Champions

Thu, 05/23/2024 - 14:54
Australian children rider Abby Weel :: Photo © Amy Sue Alston

Three Australian teams will be competing at the CDIO-PJYR Hagen "Future Champions" competition at Hof Kasselmann on 11 – 16 June 2024. It was a decade ago when the first and only Australian team showed at this event.

Through private efforts, the help of Equestrian Australia this unique opportunity has been created for nine Australian youth riders.  On 23 April Equestrian Australia posted a declaration of intent and gave riders a five-day deadline to express their interest. 

"Teams will comprise of 3 athletes per age category.  Whilst preference for combinations with scores, EA understand the expense of transporting horses from Australia and will consider rider results for those able to secure a horse internationally," EA posted. "Attendance at this event is fully self-funded, all expenses are at the Athletes responsibility."

All riders are riding leased horses, which have kindly been organised through Annemieke and Jeff Vincourt-Krom and Francois Kasselmann. 

The group of nine will be training with Vincourt in The Netherlands for one week before heading to Hof Kasselmann, where they will be doing a protocol day and then show.

The Australian Teams include:


  • Zali Mills
  • Abby Weel
  • Morgan Cockerell

Junior Riders

  • Maddison Vallender 
  • Tia Rose McKenzie
  • Emma Hutchinson

Young Riders:

  • Jessica Dertell
  • Maddison Vallender
  • Rosemary Heagney
Australians at Future Champions

Ben Terry and Simba G at the 2012 Future Champions
The first Australian to compete at the CDIO-PJYR Hagen Future Champions was individual Benjamin Terry on Simba G back in 2012. The next year William Matthew showed  D'Artagnan 198.

The first actual team that competed in Hagen was in 2014 when two young riders - William Matthew and Genevieve Kirk - teamed up. They were seventh.

A gap of nine years followed with no Australian participation until 2023 when Jessica Dertell competed there as an individual. 

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