New Board Elected for Danish Equestrian Federation, Zu Sayn-Wittgenstein Get Most Votes

Sun, 04/14/2024 - 09:25
Charlotte Kjærgaard, Nathalie zu Sayn-Wittgenstein and Linnea Ericsson-Carey are new board members of the Danish Equestrian Federation :: Photo © Ridehesten

After a very tumultuous year in Denmark with horse abuse, neglect and doping scandals, the Danish Equestrian Federation felt a fresh wind blowing through the building as a new board of directors has been elected.

Chair Ulf Helgstand and vice-chair Jakob Ravnsbo both resigned in the wake of the upheaval and a new chair, Dan Boyter, ran for chair unopposed. 

Three further seats on the board were up for election and, in the end, eleven people were candidate for the job: they were Helle Juul, Tina Callesen, Jørgen Mertz, Bo Gejl, Helle Kristensen, Linnea Ericsson-Carey, Nathalie zu Sayn-Wittgenstein, Jakob Leth, Charlotte Kjærgaard, Bent Askham Jensen and Caroline Tvedebirk Elsner.

At the representatives meeting in Middelfart today (13 April 2024), the newly elected board of directors was chosen. It includes:


  • Dan Boyter

Board members:

  • Charlotte Kjærgaard – 179 votes
  • Ditte Bach Sørensen
  • Henrik Jorgensen
  • Linnea Ericsson-Carey – 154 votes
  • Nathalie Zu Sayn Wuttgenstein – 314 votes
  • Thomas Vogt Hansen


  • 1st deputy Bo Gejl – 178 votes
  • 2nd alternate Jakob Leth – 166 votes

Newly elected chair Dan Boyter took the floor and stated:

Dan Boyter
"Equestrian sport is a way of life, there are many volunteers and officials who spend their weekends, public holidays and evenings solving tasks around. One of the things that I thought about, and one of the reasons why I'm going into this. It was around Christmas time that there was so much bad press about equestrian sports. It hurt me so much as an old rider. I thought the culture, history and narrative of equestrian sport deserved something else. Equestrian sport has meant a lot to me in its time, I have my passion in my toolbox, and I also have other professional skills that I would like to contribute. I have to learn, I have to listen, I need you. I will need to familiarize myself with the many tasks, come out and be with you, and experience what you are up to. I need to stand here next year with even more insight than I have today. I have the ambition to visit 25 clubs around the country."

Read his full speech on Ridehesten

Photos © Ridehesten

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