Venturo and Escaneno, High Scorers of the 2024 Stallion Sport Test in Munster

Sat, 02/10/2024 - 17:02
Beatrice Hoffrogge on Venturo in the 2024 stallion sport test in Munster

The 4-year old Venturo and the 5-year old Escaneno became the high scoring stallions in the stallion sport test held in Munster-Handorf on 6 - 8 February 2024. 

4-YO: Venturo

The 4-year old group had 9 horses entered, but no less than 4 dropped out mid-way through the test. The drop-outs were Viva la Vid, So Special Gold, Flintstone, and Esplendido MT.

The high scorer in the 4-year old group was Venturo, a Rhinelander by Valdiviani x Belissimo M, owned by the Celle state stud. He scored a total of 9,19 points and got 9 for trot and canter, 8.5 for walk, 9.8 for rideability and 9.5 for general impression.  The second best score was for the Hanoverian bred Lindenberg (by ), owned by Annelie Brunckhorst and Frederic Bunger, with 9.07 points. he got an 8 for walk, 10 for trot, 8.8 for canter, 9.2 for rideability and 9.5 for general impression. 

5-YO: Escaneno

In the 5-year old group 10 stallions participated and one dropped out: the trakehner bred Imperial Valley.

The high scorer of last year's sport test, Tobias Schult and Klosterhof Medingen's Hanoverian bred and initially Westfalian licensed Escaneno (by Escamillo x Veneno), was again high scorer in his second and last sport test to become fully licensed. He scored a total of 8,97 points with 9 for walk, 8.6 for trot, 8.5 for canter ,9.5 for rideability and 9 for general impression. 

The second best score was for St. Emilion (by Suarez) with an 8.80 total. He got 8.5 for walk and canter and 9 for trot, rideability and general impression. 

Complete results here.

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