Refine Your Seat and Elevate Your Riding Skills with Ridesum!

Sun, 11/12/2023 - 10:16
Seat Instruction
Refine Your Seat and Elevate Your Riding Skills with Ridesum!

A balanced and effective seat is one of the key elements when it comes to good riding. What if there was a digital tool that could help you perfect your position in the saddle? The Swedish horse-tech company Ridesum has a clear mission: to accelerate equestrians’ learning in a smart, smooth and sustainable way. Now the innovative equestrian app has taken the next step on this journey by bringing AI into the equestrian world. 

Giving everyone the opportunity to improve

AI Seat Analytics by Ridesum allows riders on all levels, both beginners and professionals, to analyse their seat with artificial intelligence. Ridesum wants to democratise the equestrian world by giving everyone access to tools that could help them improve their riding skills. This new feature gives riders the opportunity to assess their position in the saddle in real-time, pinpointing areas of improvement. After the analysis, each rider gets a personalised set of both mounted and dismounted exercises that can help refine and improve their seat. With AI Seat Analytics, every rider can track their progress in a smart, smooth and exciting way. 

“I have been using Ridesum’s new AI Seat Analytics feature in their app for a few weeks now and I have noticed a huge difference in my riding position. It has helped me improve my dressage scores from mid-sixties to now consistently scoring in the high sixties and seventies! It is a fantastic feature that highlights details of your riding position that you may not have noticed before!” - Zahra (@zahraproud)

Making advanced technology easy to use

AI Seat Analytics by Ridesum
Even though the AI Seat Analytics feature stems from advanced technology and years of research, Ridesum has made it easy to use. All you need is the Ridesum app and a smartphone, and that’s it. No gadgets, no extra tools. AI Seat Analytics is extremely simple to use. Just click start analysis and choose to record a new video or upload an existing video from your phone and select which gait you want to analyse. When you are happy with your video, AI Seat Analytics will perform the analysis and present your result. 

Moreover, the app is used by trainers and other experts such as equine therapists, as an educational tool. For example, AI Seat Analytics works as an add-on to a trainer’s pedagogical toolbox, since they can use the feature to show their students what they need to work on in a very visual way. 

Why is your seat so important? 

Because your weaknesses affect your horse. If you, as a rider, have problems with misalignments or imbalances, it will take a toll on your horse. Therefore, the key to getting a sustainable horse is varied training and to make sure that you do not cause unnecessary strain on your horse. Here, AI Seat Analytics by Ridesum is your new best friend, since it will highlight what you can do to become a better rider for your horse. Happy horse, happy life, right?


Improve your seat with Ridesum
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