KWPN Society and Valegro Lead 2012 WBFSH Dressage Ranking

Thu, 10/18/2012 - 13:16
KWPN Breeding News

The KWPN society has once again finished at the top of the Dressage Ranking of the World Breeding Federation of Sport Horses. Thanks to Olympic stars Valegro and Parzival, the Dutch warmblood breed is the leading sport horse breed in the international dressage world.

The KWPN Grand Prix horses competing at international shows in 2012 gathered a total of 14,261 points to make the KWPN breed rank on top. Biggest contributor is Charlotte Dujardin's Valegro (by Negro x Gershwin), followed by Adelinde Cornelissen's Parzival (by Jazz x Ulft), joined by Undercover, Scandic, Ravel and Uthopia.

The Hanoverian breed has placed second with 13,345 points thanks to the Donnerhall legacy: Desperados, Diva Royal, Don Auriello, Dablino and Don Johnson contributed to the Hanoverian high score as well as Anky's Salinero.

After four consecutive years on third place the Danish Warmblood dropped to a fourth spot and has been overtaken by the Westfalian Studbook. Westfalian dressage horses such as Damon Hill, Legolas, Artemis, Delgado, Divertimento and Eichendorff garnered 12,200 points to put their breed third.

The Danish warmblood society finished fourth with 12,148 points thanks to Mistral Hojris, Digby, Dorina, Raneur, Schianto and Mas Guapo.

Valegro was also the top placing horse on the WBFSH Dressage Horse ranking with 2867 points individually, followed by Parzival (2760
points). The third highest scoring horse is Damon Hill (by Donnerhall x
Rubinstein) with 2626 points.

WBFSH Dressage Horse Ranking 2012 - WBFSH Dressage Breed Ranking 2012.

Photo © Astrid Appels

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