Anky van Grunsven's Olympic Flame Rekindled

Thu, 10/13/2011 - 14:25
Dutch Dressage News

In her column in the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf Anky van Grunsven admitted that a small Olympic flame has been rekindled within herself  and that maybe Salinero could be her partner for another Olympic adventure.

Van Grunsven started out by saying that she has gained a new vision on dressage. "It might be age-related but recently I experience the dressage sport differently from a couple of years ago," she wrote. "I've always considered my horses very important and they never had to miss anything in their lives, but in the end it was all about achievements."

After having been sidelined for almost one-year and a half due to Salinero's injury, Van Grunsven got the taste for the sport again after having competed Salinero again at a national show in Holland and at the CDI Falsterbo in July. The Swedish competition was not a highlight with many mistakes in the Grand Prix and his tongue stuck out in the freestyle, but the Salinero's fitness was certainly there.

In her column Anky wrote that "I still didn't have the feeling that I had shown the "new" Salinero to the public, so that's why we travelled to Donaueschingen in Germany. All pieces of the puzzle came together and in the Grand Prix and Special we finished second with 75 and 78%. Salinero might be 16 but he goes like five years ago, at the peak of his career."

Anky's insiders immediately told her she should think of the London Olympic Games. "Even Sjef was into a new Olympic story," Anky confessed. "To be honest, I'm not," she continued. "Even though Salinero is super fit and wants to go for it, I think he has proven himself with two Olympic titles and a World Championship. On the other hand, as  member of the Olympic team it could be fantastic to prove ones worth again."

Anky said that she's aiming for Upido. "This much younger horse now has really understood our way of training. But I have to be honest, because of what happened the last few weeks a small flame has been rekindled. All of a sudden I wonder if Salinero could do it one more time. I will just continue my current way of working: Salinero has to signal if he's up for it and wants to go for it. Maybe we'll do it again?"

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