Trakehner Riding Horses Selected for 2008 Bundeschampionate

Thu, 07/10/2008 - 00:00
2008 Bundeschampionate

The Trakehner Verband announced the Trakehner bred riding horses that will represent the Trakehner Breed in the 3- and 4-year old riding horse classes at the 2008 Bundeschampionate in Warendorf, Germany.

Based on their performance at the German Trakehner Championships last week in Hannover, the Trakehner Verband selected the following combinations:

3-year old Mares and Geldings

  • Priegnitz, by Hofrat (Breeder: Julia and Hartmut Traupe, Owner: Julia Traupe)
    • Reserve: Irish Coffee, by Sir Chamberlain (B: Wilhelm Wülfing, O.: Gestüt Isselhook) 

3-year old Stallions

  • Hamilton, by Distelzar (B.: Pieter Smeets, O: Jens Thorsen)
  • Grand Passion, by Oliver Twist (B.: Lieselotte Heinen, OB.: Tony Pidgley)
    • Reserve: Herzzauber, by Insterburg (B.: Hans-Peter Karp, O.: Jessica Haag)

4-year old Mares and Geldings:

  • Copain, by Gribaldi (B+O: Gabriele Schröder)
  • Iluna, by King Arthur (B.: Jörg Bustorff, O.: Gestüt Tasdorf)
  • Pommery, by Hibiskus (B.+O.: Erin Raili)

4-year old Stallions:

  • Zauberfürst, by Interconti (B: Beate Heise, O.: Elke Söchting)
  • Elfado, by Kostolany (B.: Axel Hörmann, O.: Gestüt Tasdorf)
  • Donaugold, by Distelzar (B.: Gudrun Wahler, O.: ZG Pidgley)
    • Reserve: Tristan, by Münchhausen (B+O.. Gestüt Wiesenhof)
    • Reserve: Dorkas, by K2 (B.: Manfred Rüter, O.. Dressurpferdeteam Waldfried GmbH) 

Photo courtesy: S. Lafrentz

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