German Junior and Young Riders Team Announced

Mon, 06/16/2008 - 00:00
2008 European Junior and Young Riders Championships

Following a rainy final selection trial for German junior and young riders in Warendorf, the German Equestrian Federation announced the Junior and Young riders that will represent Germany at the 2008 European JR/YR Championships in Azeitao, Portugal, July 14-20, 2008.

Big absentees at the trial were Friederike Hahn with Richard Lowenherz (injured) and Jill de Ridder on FBW Disco Boy.

Especially this year's German junior riders team will prove to be a tough competitor to beat. The German young riders' team does not have that charismatic dominance it used to have years before and they will need to put up a very tough fight against the Dutch if they want to win team gold.

The German Junior Riders team includes:

  • Louisa Luttgen - Dreamy and Habitus
  • Thea Felicitas Muller - Highway
  • Esther Rolfs - Rewano
  • Sanneke Rothenberger - Paso Doble and Devereaux OLD
  • Reserve:
    • Nicola Krause - Mitchell
    • Svenja Peper - Carlo Carlucci

The German Young Riders team includes:

  • Lina-Sophie Böckmann - Wolkenstein III
  • Kathleen Keller - Wonder FRH and Florestan
  • Kirsten Sieber - Charly
  • Theresa Wahler - Latimer
  • Reserve:
    • Ann-Kristin Dornbracht - Gryffindor
    • Katharina Winkelhues - Weltmelodie or Rubina

Photos from the final Warendorf selection trial


Sanneke Rothenberger
Sanneke Rothenberger on Paso Doble

Esther Rolfs on Rewano
Louisa Luttgen
Louisa Luttgen on Dreamy

Louisa Luttgen on Habitus

Thea Felicitas Muller on Highway

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