Holland Wins Team Gold at European Junior Riders Championships

Fri, 07/21/2006 - 00:00
2006 European Junior and Young Riders Championships

Just as in the Young Rider class, results were turned round again. Germany was in the lead by 0, 15 % after two riders, but the last two riders from the Netherlands made all the difference.

The Dutch gold medal winning team includes Marrigje van Baalen, Chanthal van Lanen, Diederick van Silfhout and Lotje Schoots.

Lotje Schoots and her 8 year old mare Reine B managed to achieve an excellent result. The 17 year old Lotje showed her horse in perfect manner and scored 73,900%, thus being 4% ahead of the second in place in the individual ranking, Tom Berg from Germany.

The Austrian Equipe, Jasmin Jaklic, Timna Zach, Katharina Wünschek and Sabrina Berghofer ranked in fifth place. Timna Zach, 14, and her gelding Partout 2 who participated in European Championships fort he first time mad a very good debut. With a score of 66,900 % the junior team member from Styria ranks in 11th place.

Photo courtesy: Michael Rzepa - www.horsepictures.at

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