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2006 CDIO Saumur

2006 CDI Saumur
Saumur, France 
27 April - 1 May  2006

On the Scene

  • Photo Report CDI Saumur
  • Eurodressage was on the scene taking photos. Eurodressage photographerAstrid Appels was bopping from one ring to the other trying to take as much photos as possible. We have a large collection of photos available. Inquire if you were shot at the show and order pictures simply by emailing us at info@eurodressage.com
  • The following riders were photographed: 
    Aguilo (Uxtro), Allen (Rapino), Andersen (Louis d'Or), Baetens van Lent (Dark Diamant), Beer (Good Life), Bergh (Tim), Bergstrom (Stan), Brua (Monte Cristo), Chevanne (Calimucho), Cruces Fernandez (Keops), De Brisac (O Hara), Faujour (Huckleberry Fin), Faurie (Racit), Ferrer Salat (Beauvalais), Frenzen (Flamenco Star), Garcia Mena (Bernstein), Garweg (Gun Woman), Godelle (Donnatello), Harris (Renoir), Hindle (Lancet), Hjelm (Fighter), Hologne Joux (Born), Jansen (Oosteind Rocco), Judet Cheret (Warkantos), Krause (Mozart), Krooswijk (Power and Paint), Lanson (Fidji), Leclerq (North Lake's Lightning), Lenaerts (Royale Princess), Licinio (Don't Worry), Limousin (Joeris), Loison (Broadway), Mellado (Hortelano), Menard (Lianca), Morris (Zorro Z), Nevermann Torup (Vitus), Parada (Landim), Phillips (Lara), Pignatti (Blamoer, Scampolo), Pinto (Galopin, World Flash, Notavel), Rothenberger (Deinhard, Konrad), Siauve (Aston), Simons de Ridder (Wellington), Sliepenbeek (Hoby), Somerset (Royal Angelo), Soto (Invasor), Thompson (Donnerblitz), Van den Dungen (Milkshake), Vanhoef (Mausi), Van Silfhout (Nimbly), Wettstein (Le Primeur), Zimmer (Sauvignon)..
  • If you are interested in seeing your photos and ordering prints, send us an email with your name, horse's name and the class you rode in.

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