Spanish Team for the 2005 CDIO Aachen

Tue, 08/16/2005 - 00:00
2005 CDIO Aachen

The Spanish Equestrian Federation has taken a bold move by naming a young, up and coming dressage team to compete at the 2005 CDIO Aachen. Not the routiniers Ferrer Salat and Jimenez will be representing Spain in Aachen

, but a brand new team of young stars on Andalusians horses will be showing there. They are backed up by anchor rider Ignacio Rambla on Distinguido.

Competing for Spain in the CDIO tour will be:

  • Teresa Jauquicoa - Impaciente
  • Enrique Cruces Fernandez - Kheops
  • Jose Antonio Garcia Mena - Osado
  • Ignacio Rambla - Distinguido

"They may not be as brilliant as Soto, Ferrer-Salat or Jimenez Cobo, but they are young, competitive and well trained. Spain is proud to show its future stars in the most important CDI in the world. Thee new careers are just to begin," a Spanish dressage fan wrote to

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