Michelle Gibson's World of Dreams For Sale

Tue, 02/24/2004 - 00:00
American Dressage News

In September 2001, Michelle Gibson's World of Dreams was for the first time presented to the public as her 2004 Olympic Games mount at Applewood Farms in Alpharetta, Georgia. Three years later, World of Dreams is offered for sale

at Rudolf Zeilinger's barn in Emsburen, Germany. Gibson has put her olympic dream on hold, because of the severe back problems she has been coping with.

Gibson underwent back surgery 18 months ago for a ruptured disc. “It's chronic pain. It'll never be the way it was before. My back will never be healed so I have to manage my lifestyle a little differently, and that is, I ride one or two horses a day, no more young horses, no more problem horses, I have to be very careful. ‘Indy' – World of Dreams – he's such a big powerful mover, it's hard on my back.”

Gibson last competed World of Dreams (World Cup I x Cardinal xx) in Germany in autumn 2003. “He is there because of my back,” explained Gibson. “I've had to make a few choices about my riding because I'm very limited as to which horses as well as the number of horses I can ride in a day, and so I have chosen to leave him there and to sell him.”

Gibson has now ruled out Athens. “I would rather be able to walk tomorrow and know that I can walk in five years and not live on painkillers than go to the Olympics. I ride the horses that I can ride and I do pilates and yoga. I go to the gym and I do everything I can to be comfortable.”

Michelle is currently riding Lex Barker (Longchamp x Werther), who has evolved into Gibson's main mount. “He's very comfortable to sit on, very comfortable.” She noted that even after a year away from the show grounds, Barker “was a star. He just has a fun personality. He has a great work ethic.” With Lex Barker, Gibson became the Third Level High Point Champion at the Florida Dressage Classic in Wellington, FL.

Image copyrighted: Mary Phelps

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