Devon Diary: Time for some Action

Mon, 09/17/2001 - 00:00
2001 Dressage at Devon

I took me until 9 AM to get up, drag myself out of the bed and take a shower. I needed the sleep but now I had to get ready for my first day of Horsesdaily Action.

I got behind the computer round 10 AM and started working on the 2001 Dressage at Devon Performance Division entry list. I took until 2 PM to tear myself away from the computer screen for lunch. I wrapped up my work at 3 PM. I uploaded all the entries and added a new cover collage to the horsesdaily index page as a finishing touch to my work. Meanwhile, Tracey was arranging photo orders and printing photos and Mary handled her email. JJ went out with the car to do some administrative work (which includes going to the bank and post office). The Horsedaily team was in full action.

Between 4 PM and 5 PM, I watched some tv and then returned to the computer to get Dressagedaily organised and to answer my own email. JJ prepared dinner. His way of cooking is steaming vegetables in aluminum foil on the barbecue and it's just delicious!! He cut up mushrooms, zucchinis and onions, added some herbs and wrapped it in foil. The catfish was prepared the same way but he added lemon and herbs to it. Mary and I also split up one sweet potatoe, which is a vegetable very hard to get in Europe. As dessert, JJ prepared a sort of chocolate fudge with Jackson Hole huckleberries.

Mary and I watched the news and Will and Grace untill 10 PM. In the meantime, we had this great girl-to-girl conversation about life in general. It was really fun. Although I have been drinking wine since I was 12, I was now legally allowed to drink alcohol in the States (I turned 21 September 2) and it gave a special touch to the three glasses I drank that night. At 10 PM I went to bed, read some more People Magazines and turned in for a hard night sleep. I had this aweful nightmare which woke me up round 5 AM.

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