Vorwerk Stallion Station, Supreme God in the Land of Dressage Horses

Sat, 09/09/2000 - 00:00
2000 Bundeschampionate

The effect of Stallion Station Vorwerk on dressage in Germany can not be underestimated. Besides the fact that two of its breeding stallions were able to take away the gold and bronze in the 6-year-old Dressage Horse class

, the amount of horses with Rubinstein and Rohdiamant bloodlines competing or qualifying for the Bundeschapionate is almost incountable.

Vorwerk is Zeus, God in the land of dressage horses. Ronaldo, Roubeni M, Royal Diamond and Regal Dancer are all top five placers at the 2000 Bundeschampionate. Next to Donnerhall and his get, it are the stallions of Gestut Vorwerk that virtually infiltrate German dressage horse breeding. For, it is not the quality of the movement mechanism of the Rubinstein/Rohdiamant products that make them shimmer and shine in Germany, but it's the rideability of the Vorwerk products which make them so popular.

Vorwerk horses often miss that special 'international' charm Poetin, for instance, has and will show later on. But the Vorwerk horses are extremely rideable, beautiful and sensitive, and due to the massive amount of breedings per year, Vorwerk champions will surfice in the here and now, and in the future.

In the 6-year-old Dressage Horse class Royal Diamond, ridden by Lisa Wilcox and owned by Gestüt Vorwerk, was laureled as champion. Royal Diamond lacks the grandeur of an absolute international top dressage horse, but in Warendorf he was the most complete, best ridden 6-year-old of the pack. The trotwork was impulsive and showed good self carriage, the walk was large and balanced and the trot half passes were absolutely divine. Only in the flying changes, Royal Diamond (by Rubinstein I x Inschallah AA), was not so confirmed. His performance earned him a 9.2.

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Images copyrighted: Steven Stegen - Noordelijk Hippisch Persburo