German Dancer, Best 6-year old?

Sat, 09/09/2000 - 00:00
2000 Bundeschampionate

More talented in movement, but not so flashy in his expression was the Westfalian gelding German Dancer. Sold at the Munster auction for little above 100,000 DM, German Dancer became third

 in the 5-year-old class under Birgitte Speyer at last year's championships.

This year he moved into reserve champion position under Iris Herkenroth. While Herkenroth presented her German Dancer in a very professional way, her length caused German Dancer to look smaller and her gelding sometimes became tight in the neck. Pity because the little bay, by Game Fox xx, excels in his basic gaits with the walk as top movement. 9.0 was the final score.

Regal Dancer, an Oldenburg bred Rubinstein x Wenzel I stallion, was shown at last year's World Championships for Young Dressage Horses by Nicole Uphoff. With her departure from Vorwerk, Wilcox was able to take over the reins of several Vorwerk horses, including Regal Dancer. The bay stallion was able to run the finals thanks to his victory in the consolation class. In the actual final he scored 8.4 and received the bronze medal.

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Images copyrighted: Steven Stegen - Noordelijk Hippisch Persburo