Dutch Junior and Young Riders Team Updated

Mon, 10/05/2009 - 00:00
Dutch Dressage News

Team selection never stops in The Netherlands. As the big outdoor CDI 2009 show season came to a close, the national indoor competition circuit kicked off.

Several shows have been marked as team trials and Dutch junior and young rider chef d'equipe Tineke Bartels announced the latest update to the team following the first indoor trial.

The 20-year old Merel Peper from Nijkerk, The Netherlands, qualified for the Dutch young riders A-team at the Geldrop team trial. Aboard her 14-year old Dutch bred Nouveau Encore (by Indoctro) she scored 67,46% in the team test and achieved her last score for A-team submission.

The winner of the young riders team test was Michelle van Lanen aboard her 19-year old Incredible. Van Lanen had initially announced that the 2009 show season would be the last for her good old black stallion, but the rider has changed her mind and is trying out the move to Young Riders' level with this horse. She scored 72,28% to win the class and was followed by new young rider Angela Krooswijk on Roman Nature (71,75%).

At FEI pony level, Lotte Meulendijks won the trial with Boticelli. Lotte successfully took over the ride from her sister Anne and scored 68,43% to win the FEI pony team test. At junior riders' level, Kimberly de Jongh and the very experienced 19-year old Inspekteur won the team test with 70,63%. Teddy Wiedeler and Seigneur (by Le Vainqueur) placed second with 69,01%.

Photo copyrighted: Astrid Appels/Eurodressage

Young Riders A-team

  • Marrigje van Baalen – Don Cardinale
  • Robin Beekink – Pablo
  • Marjolein Cho Chia Yuen – Cho’s Pepper
  • Chantal van Lanen - Revival
  • Danielle van Mierlo – Reggea
  • Merel Peper – Nouveau Encore
  • Romy van der Schaft - Madorijke
  • Lotje Schoots – Luxform’s Popeye, Reine B, Torricelli
  • Diederik van Silfhout – Davidoff, Ruby
  • Melissa Tychon - Marinetty
  • Floor Vos – Tornaxs P
  • Kim Vugts – Feinsinn NRW

Young Riders B-team

  • Dindi van den Brink – Planet Dolibra V
  • Hiske Geerts - Argentino
  • Danielle van Mierlo – Ucento
  • Patricia Salman – Karmijn
  • Diederik van Silfhout – Tristan, Vorst D
  • Jarissa van Silfhout - Trappel

Junior Riders A-team

  • Brigit van der Drift - Twister
  • Sanne van Grotel – Melvin V
  • Kimberley de Jongh – Luciano Pavarotti
  • Angela Krooswijk – Roman Nature, Flash, Revino
  • Michelle van Lanen- Incredible
  • Maxime Osse - Navarro
  • Emma Peper – Westenwind
  • Teddy Wiedeler - Topper

Junior Riders B-team

  • Lars Op ’t Hoog - Survival
  • Daniëlle Houtvast - Chopin
  • Lotte Jansen – Picasso
  • Kimberley de Jongh – New Amsterdam
  • Emma Peper – Roh Magic

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