2021 CDIO Alter do Chao Nations Cup Dropped, CDIO Rotterdam Looks to Reschedule

Wed, 04/07/2021 - 10:15
Catarina Lucas Lopes on Ferrolho competing at Alter do Chao :: Photo © Rui Pedro Godinho

The first ever FEI Nations Cup leg in Portugal will not be taking place. The CDIO Alter do Chao  on 23 - 25 April 2021 has been dropped. In its stead  a CDI 3* in Abrantes will replace the lost event. 

No Nations Cup in Portugal

With ever lasting travel restrictions and difficulties across Europe due to the corona pandemic and many other shows across Europe held on the same dates, the Portuguese event struggled to fill entry slots for a Nations Cup. First the CDIO leg was dropped and the 3* CDI would carry on but now the competition has been cancelled entirely.

The weekend of 23 - 25 April hosts international dressage shows in Hagen (4*), Opglabbeek (3*), Montefalco (3*), and Zakrzow (3*), as well as an important national competition at Las Cadenas in Madrid for Spanish riders. Portuguese relied on Spain for a nations' cup battle. 

A replacement CDI 3* in Abrantes (POR) is now on the FEI calendar on those dates.

CDIO Rotterdam Date To Move by One Week

A second CDIO Nations Cup, the one in Rotterdam, is also taken corona measures into account and looking to reschedule its show one week later than planned.

The board of CHIO Rotterdam investigates in close cooperation with FEI, KNHS, the City of Rotterdam and other stakeholders if the international equestrian event, which was scheduled for June 24-27, can be rescheduled to July 1-4, 2021. 

"This date, one week later, will accommodate us better to organize a COVID-19 proof event", says Ron Voskuilen, general director of CHIO Rotterdam. "We receive feedback from riders and federations that there is a need for observation times with regards to the Olympics in Tokyo later this year. With this new date the CHIO Rotterdam will be in time to allow countries to select and announce their teams before the official deadline of July 5th."

Photo © Rui Pedro Godinho

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