Janina Kletke Out of ICU, Showing Small Steps of Improvement

Mon, 04/01/2019 - 10:13
Janina Kletke

German dressage rider Janina Kletke has been moved out of the Intensive Care Unit and is showing small steps of improvement each day.

On 4 March 2019 Australian based Kletke sustained a severe head injury while loading a horse on the trailer. She was rushed to hospital and kept in the ICU in an induced coma fighting for her life. On 25 March she started to wake up from the coma and in the next few days has been responding to requests with a nod or shake of her head. 

On Saturday 30 March she was moved out of ICU and into the neurology ward. 

"Janina has made vast improvements every day. She requires very minimal medication and has been breathing on her own since Tuesday last week. Responding very well, even to the nurses now," her boyfriend Ash reported.  "Janina is unable to talk yet, hopefully this will change in the coming weeks. The poor nurses now know they have an extremely determined German woman on their hands!"

Ash added that "Janina has clear impairments and will require extensive rehabilitation moving forward."

The 35-year old Kletke has been living and working in Australia as a professional dressage rider since 2009.

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