A New Addition to the Amerigo Saddle Collection: The Pasubio Dressage Model for Horses with Short Backs

Wed, 11/01/2017 - 09:18
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Every new model concept for an Amerigo saddle begins with fulfilling the needs of the riders who want to create the optimal situation for their horses and themselves to reach their best performance.

Every horse has its particular back shape and the saddle has to mirror this shape exactly so that the rider can sit in balance and work in harmony with the horse.

This is the strict line behind the Amerigo brand and the scientific concept that has led to the two new additions to the Amerigo saddle collection with wooden tree.

The new Pasubio dressage model has been specially created for horses with short backs, on which there is not much space for the rider. It also has a extra wide gullet to accommodate horses that are wider through the withers.

The innovative Multifunctional Panel System (MPS) is used for all Amerigo saddles and is a unique mixture of synthetic fibres that respond to warmth to ensure a perfect fit.

The panels can be made with different levels of volume to suit each horse. Each panel is produced individually and requires great skill to ensure that two equal panels are produced. Such a panel system provides many advantages in terms of fit for the horse.  

The absence of any ‚ends’ or pre formed stitching on the horse, with the panels blending out away from the horse, and becoming flatter and wider with use, means that they offer a very precise and individual fit, even if used on many horses.

Like Amerigo saddles, the new Pasubio is individually handcrafted in Italy to order using first choice French and Italian hides. The specially selected hides combined with the meticulous and qualified handcrafting, ensure that every Amerigo saddle becomes a true and veritable “Made in Italy” masterpiece.

Each Amerigo saddle now comes with its own sample collection of our leathercare products.

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