Swedish Youth Riders Squads for 2017 Announced

Fri, 01/27/2017 - 08:44
Swedish Dressage News

On 24 January 2017, The Swedish Equestrian Federation announced the updated youth riders squads for 2017. The dressage committee has decided to split the competitive Swedish pony, junior and young riders into three squads per age group.

In Sweden the A, B and C-squads have different names. The A-squad is the "top squad" and it includes riders which are eligible for international shows and championships. The B-squad is the "challengers squad" and includes the riders who have the most chance to move into the A-squad.  There is also a C-squad which includes riders that can promote to CDI eligibility either this year or the next. They have to be able to score at leasr 66% at national shows. 

The Swedish team captains are Pytt Hamberg for the pony riders, Marianne Esseen-Soderberg for the juniors and Tina Due-Boje for the young riders. Kerstin André supervises the Swedish youth programme.

The Swedish squads for 2017 are:

Pony Riders - A-squad

  • Amanda Lindholm  - Holly's Cerwin
  • Cecilia Bergåkra Berglund - Justice
  • Ellen Hidgård - Little Diamonds Doolittle
  • Ellen Olsson - Daylight
  • Felicia Bermar Vistedt - Djupviks von Linné
  • Linnea Holmgren - Fleuramos Justin
  • Moa Sundelöf - HB Dancing Daylight
  • Sandra A Wickström - Money Boy
  • Viktoria Wåhlin - Janine 

Pony Riders - B-squad

  • Alma Müller - Dogge Doggelito
  • Amanda Barnestam Olsson - Jarno
  • Ellen Hedbys, - Steendieks Spiderman
  • Roxanna Nilsson - Nia Domo's Gordon

Pony Riders - C-squad

  • Cornelia Johansson - Hynder Hoeve's Ramses
  • Hedda Thunberg Brave Heart
  • Louise Brantefjord - Victory
  • My Sandgren - Lykkes Chester
  • Nicole Crona - Voyager 
  • Nina Johansson - Twenty Two
  • Zelma Björk - Maine

Junior Riders - A-squad

  • Felicia Brännström
  • Evelina Söderström
  • Cornelia T Pettersson
  • Ebba Kjellberg
  • Esther Kotton
  • Sofia Buskhe

Junior Riders - B-squad

  • no riders listed

Junior Riders - C-squad

  • Rebecka Knutsson
  • Elin Mattsson
  • Linnea Williamsson
  • Vendela Eriksdotter Rubin

Young Riders - A-squad

  • Emelie Aldenfalk 
  • Ludwig Wilken

Young Riders - B-squad

  • Sofie Andersson
  • Johanna Jendland

Young Riders - C-squad

  • Cecilia Bergåkra Berglund
  • Jennifer Lindvall
  • Beatrice Ivarsson

Photo © Astrid Appels

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