Equestrian Australia Postpone Decisions on Hendra Vaccination and Biosecurity Policy

Thu, 02/26/2015 - 09:55
Veterinary News

Equestrian Australia (EA) has resolved to postpone all decisions on any Hendra Vaccination and Biosecurity policy until 1 January 2016 or thereafter and will take a consultative approach with the wider membership to review the findings and recommendations of the EA Hendra Advisory Panel

(which is currently completing its assessment).

The board will present all members, clubs and event organising committees with an opportunity to review and submit their feedback on the Hendra Advisory Panel’s report, once it is handed down in the second half of 2015.

The future Hendra Vaccination and Biosecurity policy will take into consideration the feedback received through this consultation.
Members and clubs will be invited to voice their opinions through their respective state branches with every branch to play a key role in the collection of feedback.

EA will work with the states to facilitate in the gathering of feedback and cooperate with the states to review the feedback that is received via the branches.

Step 1 – Suspension, then revoke and review of policy/science/vaccine – complete and ongoing
Step 2 – EA Hendra Technical Advisory Panel hands down report – prior to July 2015
Step 3 – Branches, members, clubs and event organisers are invited to review Hendra Technical Advisory Panel’s report with board to consider feedback in developing future policy position.

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