Equestrian Australia 2012 Annual General Meeting

Sun, 10/14/2012 - 16:09
Australian Dressage News

State representatives were presented with the Austrian equestrian federation's (EA) Annual Report and a presentation by Equestrian Australia CEO Grant Baldock, which highlighted the organisation’s key achievements, challenges as well as the future outlook.

“The outcomes EA has achieved in the last 18 months have been significant and the benefits are already being felt right across the sport,” Mr Baldock said. “The signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with Pony Club Australia saw some strong initiatives already implemented including a dual member rebate scheme and development of a new junior development program ‘Ready Set Trot’ due to launch in November. In addition the last financial year also saw the launch of the Equestrian Grand Final that was broadcast nationally and the signing of three new major sponsors,” he said.

As Mr Baldock outlined the progress made against the strategic priorities, he also acknowledged the challenges the sport currently faces.

“The most significant change the sport has undertaken has been the development of the new Information Communication Technology (ICT) system equnect which was recognised by the State Branches and EA as the major priority for the sport to address.

“The financial reports for the year 2011-12 will show EA with a loss of $450,000. This loss was largely due to the impairment of the ICT system.

“The challenges experienced through the project saw limited functionality delivered and it falling short of expectations.  While the next course of development of equnect is not confirmed until further scoping is completed, the current asset is valued at $329,000.

“Despite this EA remains in a sound financial position due to other assets the sport owns and current revenue secured,” he said.

Mr Baldock thanked outgoing board members, Chairman Paul Cargill, Bill Fell, Graeme Bowker and Graham Sharley for their service to the organisation.  All Directors have worked as part of a Board that has steered the sport through a time of significant change.
Equestrian Australia is pleased to confirm Paul Biancardi and Des Hughes as new Directors who will fill the casual vacancy positions on the Board.

Further to this EA can also announce that at the first meeting of the new board on Sunday 14 October 2012, Paul Biancardi was named Chair of the EA Board with Warwick Vale  confirmed as Deputy Chair.

The Board recognised the need to create smooth succession planning for the national Board and as such the Director’s terms are as follows:

Paul Biancardi                     2 years
Melissa Cannon                  1 years
Liza Carver                          3 years
Nick Crowe                          3 years
Des Hughes                         2 years
Wendy Hunt                       1 years
Warwick Vale                      3 years

As per the constitution the position of Chair will be up for re-election at the first Board meeting after next year’s AGM.

Paul Biancardi thanked his fellow Board Members for appointing him as Chair.

The new board and management recognised member concerns regarding the current challenges facing EA and will focus on three key priorities:

  • 1. Ensure that we develop and implement an effective ICT plan for the organisation including the implementation of revised organisational policies and procedures.
  • 2. Strengthen cash reserves and profitability of the organisation.
  • 3. Review of the High Performance program.

Updates on these projects will be provided ongoing by the Board and Management via the EA website.

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