FEI Dressage Pony for Sale: Inspi(red) Justice

Mon, 07/31/2023 - 17:31
Pony for Sale
Sold in one month time

Name: Inspi(red) Justice RP 185
Breed: Swedish Riding Pony
Year of Birth: 2008
Sire: Simberg Superman RW 113
Dam Sire: National Zenith
Gender: Gelding
Height: 148cm

Top quality international FEI Pony and schoolmaster. 

With a track record of top scores for nearly a decade this 15 year old dressage pony is a true routinier.

He has been a top scoring pony since a young age. As a young pony from 3yo - 6yo, he won the YPSM. FEI top ranked since he was 6 years old.

Inspi(red) Justice RP
Inspi(red) Justice has done multiple Masters (SM, NM, nominated for EM) and international shows with six different young riders and was a member of the Swedish National team for many years, always with super results. Healthy and with sweet manners.

Took his current rider from being an unexperienced FEI rider to a 7th place in the Swedish Championships (SM) 2023 in just a little over one year.

Inspi(red) Justice was an approved stallion up until early 2022 when he was gelded, hence he has kept all the great qualities of a stallion. This is the pony that will guide his new rider to a guaranteed next level.

He loves dressage and knows that he is good at it, however, he likes varied training and is a super jumper. Not much can spook him and he loves to go for a fast ride over the hills.

Schoolmaster Inspi'(red) Justice
We love him to bits and hope that he will find a home that could care for him a little longer than we have had the chance to do. We believe that he still has many more successful years to come. Easy to manage, super rideable.

He is a very healthy boy with no major injuries to his track record.