German Young Rider Looking for National or International YR Horse to Lease

Sat, 07/09/2022 - 14:30
Horse Wanted
German Young Rider Looking for National or International YR Horse to Lease :: Photo just as illustration © Astrid Appels

An 18-year old German young rider, who has many years of competition experience and has been on the squad with her ponies as well as her horses, is looking to lease a national or international Young Riders horse. 

It is her biggest dream and goal to reach the top in competitions.

For this she and her family are looking for a schoolmaster who is very confident in all S* lessons. It would be a big plus if the horse could already do some of the grand prix movements. The horse is welcome to be older, which gives him a lot of competition experience. It is very important that he has a great rideability, 3 very good gaits to make the horse competitive enough and to compete international. He must be able to be ridden without a whip. He needs to be extremely secure in lessons and also very good-natured. It is an absolutely must-have that the horse isn'`t focused on the environment but on the rider. The horse's gender and colour have no priority.

The family offers a 5* home, close to Munich, in Bavaria, where the horse would be in an extremely professional facility with the trainer, where the horse's needs would be addressed individually. There are many facilities available to ensure the horse the highest standard of care, he gets a lot of paddock and field time, and everything is done to give him a very happy life in sport. Of course, the horse would get treated as it was her own.

The rider would always be professionally coached with the horse by her trainer, even in the warm-up at competitions.

The family is more than interested in a suitable leasing model where they pay a monthly or annual amount.

Do you have such a horse available, please contact and your request will be forwarded to the rider searching for a lease horse.