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2014 CDI-W Devon

Toronto native Ashley Holzer took top spot in the Grand Prix at the renowned CDI-W Dressage at Devon, held September 24–28, 2014, in Devon, Pa.  Canadians swept the majority of the classes at Devon with Young Rider David Ziegler scoring a hattrick to boot.


Training Your Horse

A question that is met by every competitive dressage rider is when to move from the snaffle bridle to the double bridle. How do you know when to make that transition? How can you make the transition as seamless as possible? Once you have established the contact in the double, should you still go back to the snaffle, and how often? Are some horses better in the double, and some better in the snaffle, and why?


A Walk on the Premises

In preparation of the 2014 Asian Games in Incheon, South Korea, on 19 September - 4 October 4, four Asian dressage team candidates travelled to Saumur, France, in preparation of the event. They are proof of the fact that dressage has no boundaries. For decades riders from far away regions are seeking the help of renowned European trainers while the FEI waves the banner of "globality" and tries to spread the discipline all over the globe.


Young Guns in Dressage

For German junior rider Lucas Alecco Roy his dressage career is one juggling multiple duties and learning from the "words of wisdom" he gets at school, from his trainers and from his horse. At the 2014 CDI-PJYR in Babenhausen on 11 - 14 September, 17-year old Roy and his Hanoverian stallion Wisdom finished third in the Kur to Music finals with an international personal best score.


French Equitation

France is repeatedly in the centre of the equestrian community; primarily because it was just recently hosting the World Equestrian Games, but also because a big seminar on the country's traditional equitation will take place in mid October at the National Riding School (ENE) in Saumur. It's an opportunity to look at equestrian traditions in this cultural country. Even though most will associate France with successful showjumpers and eventers rather than dressage riders, it's here that classical principles have their common roots. Let's go on a “Tour de France” to find out more about “Dressage à la Française.”

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