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2014 World Cup Finals

(FEI press release) -- World No. 1, double-Olympic and European champion and the rider who holds all three world records in the sport, Charlotte Dujardin, became the first-ever Briton to win the 2014 World Cup Dressage title at Lyon in France today.


Training Your Horse

Planning and thinking about your ride are a part of dressage training, but just as over-thinking can be detrimental, over-planning can cause the rider to overlook or become ignorant to a particular horse's weakness on that particular day. Horses, just like humans, are never the same one day to the next. Whether it is because your horse slept in an odd position, or he just feels a strange ache down one side, he will need to account for that in his daily training.


2014 Palm Beach Dressage Derby

With time to kill in between the 2014 CDIO Nations' Cup and 2014 Palm Beach Dressage Derby in Wellington and a great reluctance to sit inside behind the computer while the sun is shining outside with 30 ° C temperatures, I rose early on Wednesday morning 26 February 2014 to catch a day of high performance training at Tuny Page's Stillpoint Farm on South Shore Boulevard.


Groomed to Perfection

A knife, an alarm and an “Oh Shit Kit” became Casey Dornan-Nilsson’s go to gadgets during her 17 year journey as groom for top American rider Catherine Haddad-Staller.



Here is an overview of the world records currently held by dressage riders from pony to Grand Prix level.

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