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2014 CDI-W Devon

Making her surprise comeback to the sport of dressage after losing her fight against the FEI to claim her spot at the 2012 London Olympics, Dominican Republic's Yvonne Losos de Muniz has returned to the arena with some talented small tour horses. Losos de Muniz made her jack in the box come back producing promising results first at the 2014 CDI Saugerties on 19 - 21 September 2014 and then at the 2014 CDI-W Devon on 25 - 28 September 2014.


Training Your Horse

With some horses it is very easy to tell if they are listening to you and are with you every step or not. With others it can be a lot more difficult and while we may know our horses very well it is impossible to guess exactly what they are thinking. One of my horses makes it perfectly clear to me that he is listening, by the position of his ears, by the softness of his breath, by the attitude of his expression, and the effort he puts into the things I ask of him.


A Walk on the Premises

Coby and Marlies van Baalen's "Dressage Stable Van Baalen" is nested in the flat, rural countryside in Brakel, The Netherlands, located in between the rivers Maas and Waal. Based on fertile farmer land with fields stretching as far as eyes can reach, this quiet dressage yard has been a centre for cultivating young dressage talent from grassroots level up to Grand Prix. The training centre was proclaimed "Dutch Equestrian Entrepreneur of the Year" at the 2014 Horse Event in Deurne, The Netherlands, rewarding Team Van Baalen for its professional and successful management of their thriving dressage business.


Young Guns in Dressage

For German junior rider Lucas Alecco Roy his dressage career is one juggling multiple duties and learning from the "words of wisdom" he gets at school, from his trainers and from his horse. At the 2014 CDI-PJYR in Babenhausen on 11 - 14 September, 17-year old Roy and his Hanoverian stallion Wisdom finished third in the Kur to Music finals with an international personal best score.


French Equitation

When speaking of "modern French classical equitation" it might sound antithetical to some; to speak of a “modern” and yet “classical” approach. In that case “modern” just implies that an approach also takes into account the requirements of competition without neglecting national classical principles. General Durand, the former chief rider of the Cadre Noir and a very influential personality of French equitation in the second part of the 20th century, once defined it as “a moderate Baucherism grafted onto a classical tradition.”

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