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2015 CDI Langley

Thunderbird Show Park in Langley, B.C. will go down in history as the host of the first-ever CDI3* level dressage competition to take place in British Columbia.  The CDI3* Langley took place on 10 - 12 April 2015 and as a Toronto 2015 Pan American Games qualifier, gave west coast riders the opportunity to obtain qualifying scores in their own backyard.


Training Your Horse

When the going gets tough, the tough get going, right? In dressage this is not the case, and going faster or more forward, or moving into a more active gait will not solve the problem. The underlying and very valuable truth is that whatever issues you have in the walk will certainly be present in the trot and canter, and whatever cannot be solved at the walk, certainly will not be solved by simply moving into trot.


A Walk on the Premises

Coby and Marlies van Baalen's "Dressage Stable Van Baalen" is nested in the flat, rural countryside in Brakel, The Netherlands, located in between the rivers Maas and Waal. Based on fertile farmer land with fields stretching as far as eyes can reach, this quiet dressage yard has been a centre for cultivating young dressage talent from grassroots level up to Grand Prix. The training centre was proclaimed "Dutch Equestrian Entrepreneur of the Year" at the 2014 Horse Event in Deurne, The Netherlands, rewarding Team Van Baalen for its professional and successful management of their thriving dressage business.


Child Stars - Where are they Now?

Former Dutch pony team silver medal winning rider Kimberley de Jongh gave up horses and riding after tragedy ended her very promising career at junior riders level. While she remembers her dressage dreams her life has now taken a new direction in professional body building.



How many dressage fanatics still associate something with the name Gustaf Nyblaeus; a name which was house-hold in the dressage community until 25 years ago? The life and work of Colonel Gustaf Nyblaeus should not be forgotten. He was a man who influenced dressage in a remarkable way and who still holds a record which might never be equalled: judging Olympic Games for twenty years in succession.

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