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2016 CDI Mannheim

Eurodressage's German correspondent Silke Rottermann drove to the Mannheim show grounds on Friday 29 April 2016 to photograph the training  at the 2016 CDI Mannheim the day before the competition started. Check out Silke's selection of photos from Mannheim. The 206 CDI Mannheim will be the platform for a string of riders making their debut.


Training Your Horse

After three months off I was very anxious to start riding again. It was a strange mix of desperately wanting to get back on my horse, combined with fear and anxiety over the pain that I would most likely feel, and my confidence (or lack there of) which had taken a another nose dive.
 Adding to this was the fact that a puddle lunge arena had made a pre-lunge impossible, I was, I will admit, very nervous!


A Walk on the Premises

There are more pleasant months than November to visit Finland, the Scandinavian country with its checkered history high up in the North of Europe. However climate change doesn't stop there and binary plus temperatures greeted us on arrival, even though the early pitch-black darkness made the drive from Helsinki airport an unusual adventure for somebody from middle Europe. Eurodressage's way to one of Finland's young up and coming international dressage riders led through seemingly endless lonesome woods, with villages and some civilzation only now and then to be seen.


Child Stars - Where are they Now?

Former Dutch pony team silver medal winning rider Kimberley de Jongh gave up horses and riding after tragedy ended her very promising career at junior riders level. While she remembers her dressage dreams her life has now taken a new direction in professional body building.


Greatest Oldies

In the summer of 1974 the world looked rosy for Harry Boldt, one of Germany’s most successful post war dressage riders. With a black Westfalian gelding named Golo he became 4th at the World Championships in Copenhagen. It was a nice surprise coming so close to the podium with a horse whose conformation was so far from ideal nobody betted a penny on him. However only months later Boldt’s chances of joining the German team in 1975 diminished, when Golo sold. Where this door closed, it opened a window for Woyzeck to move in.

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