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2015 Global Dressage Forum

A sensational project to evaluate and train dressage judges will be presented at the 15th edition of the Global Dressage Forum on 26-27 October 2015. Maarten van der Heijden, Sports Director of the Dutch National Federation, and his colleagues will present a project, started in 2014 with scientist David Stickland to improve judging.


Training Your Horse

You know when you do something and you push yourself that bit too far. It can happen in many different ways. You might go for a run one morning, get home exhausted and sore and think "oops perhaps my body wasn’t ready to go that far!". You feel good for pushing yourself, but the next day you don’t get up and do exactly the same: you rest, maybe try and relax for a day or two, and then try again working up slowly.


A Walk on the Premises

"Only the best is good enough" and that motto is strikingly clear when one walks over the premises of Mount St. John, a breeding paradise of dressage foals destined for high performance sport based in the North of England. Incredible mare lines, a professional team of horse caring personnel and a grand vision led by owner Emma Jane Blundell make Mount St John the epitome of modern dressage horse breeding.


Child Stars - Where are they Now?

Former Dutch pony team silver medal winning rider Kimberley de Jongh gave up horses and riding after tragedy ended her very promising career at junior riders level. While she remembers her dressage dreams her life has now taken a new direction in professional body building.



How many dressage fanatics still associate something with the name Gustaf Nyblaeus; a name which was house-hold in the dressage community until 25 years ago? The life and work of Colonel Gustaf Nyblaeus should not be forgotten. He was a man who influenced dressage in a remarkable way and who still holds a record which might never be equalled: judging Olympic Games for twenty years in succession.

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