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2016 Danish Young Horse Championships

The 4-year old Hesselhoj Donkey Boy, the 5-year old Victoria's Secret, and the 6-year old Fiontini became the grand champions of the 2016 Danish Young Horse Championships held at the 2016 CDI-W Odense in Denmark on 19 - 21 October 2016. The Danish Young Horse Championships are open to all breeds and the Finals take place after a series of qualifiers in the spring and summer and a semi finals held three weeks ago.


Training Your Horse

One of my favourite quotes from Nuno Oliveira is about the two ways to do the exercises. Firstly, the one that consists of forcing the horse to perform and, secondly, the one that consists of putting the horse first in the correct position and then giving him the maximum freedom to perform.


A Walk on the Premises

„Life is good“ comes immediately to my mind on that Tuesday morning at the end of August 2016. Standing in the courtyard of a typical Münsterland barn, the sun slowly developing its strength, the sky spotless and blue, I could not think of anything better at that moment than being exactly here. My camera and I waiting for some hours of action under pretty ideal conditions, also from an equestrian point of view, for a mini dressage immersion tour around Warendorf.


Child Stars - Where are they Now?

Former Dutch pony team silver medal winning rider Kimberley de Jongh gave up horses and riding after tragedy ended her very promising career at junior riders level. While she remembers her dressage dreams her life has now taken a new direction in professional body building.



From all nations excelling in dressage nowadays, Great Britain had to take the hardest way to get to Mount Olymp in the most refined of all Olympic disciplines, dressage. Within less than 60 years dressage in Great Britain evolved from an ignored sport practised by a few passionate ladies to the country's most successful discipline, taking home two gold and one bronze medal at the 2012 Olympic Games on home-turf in London.

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