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Canadian Dressage News

The equestrian community lost one of its greatest advocates and passionate volunteer with the recent, untimely passing of Marie-Helen Lessard, lovingly known by her nickname MH.

What's Happening

What's Happening in the Dressage World?

Canadian FEI dressage rider Leah Wilson married her long-time boyfriend Mark Wilkins, a professional race car driver, in a lavish ceremony in Muskoka, Canada on the weekend of 26 - 28 December 2014.


Eurodressage F.O.C.U.S.

After establishing the successful equine trading website, young British horse dealer Peter Tomlinson is now venturing east and has been put in charge as head of sales of an Asian oriented sport horse centre in The Netherlands. Peter will be managing equiries outside Holland with a special focal point on matching Asian riders to the right top quality dressage horses.


Oldenburg Breeding News

The Oldenburg Stallion Licensing committee has selected eighteen dressage colts and three show jumpers for the 2015 Oldenburg Under Saddle Licensing. The 3-year old cots were picked at the pre-selection day in Vechta, Germany, on 20 January 2015.


Veterinary News

The Hendra virus and its vaccination have become the topic of serious and ongoing debate in the Australian equine world, initiated when the Equestrian Australia national board adopted a new by-law outlining the Hendra vaccination requirements for horses which attend EA and FEI sanctioned events held in Queensland and New South Wales.

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