Jennifer Hoffmann Withdraws from 2017 CDI Cappeln after Riding Accident

Fri, 07/14/2017 - 12:00
Jennifer Hoffmann on Florentinus V at the 2017 CDIO Compiegne
Photo © Astrid Appels
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American Grand Prix rider Jennifer Hoffmann had to withdraw from competing at the 2017 CDI Cappeln on 13 - 15 July 2017, as she sustained a concussion in a freak accident at the show.

Hoffmann had travelled to Cappeln to compete both her stallions Rubinio and Florentinus V in the big tour at the show. After a schooling session on Thursday afternoon 12 July, Hoffmann got injured in a riding accident. 

"While I was entering the stables on my stallion, someone opened their tack trunk door thus blocking the path to enter. My stallion stopped at the same time I reached for the door to stop it from opening. Unfortunately this caused me to come up from the saddle and hit my head very hard on the steel beem that supports the tent stabling," Hoffmann told Eurodressage. "I heard a very loud cracking to my lower neck and was immediately painful and dizzy."

Hoffmann immediately got off her horse and rested in the hopes that the pain would pass. She managed to present her two horses at the inspection, but on Friday morning the pain had not subsided. 

"This morning I still had horrible neckpain and excruciating headache and dizziness," she explained. "My husband Jürgen had been very worried and said 'enough is enough, we're getting you looked at'. So the medics came, put my neck in a brace and off we went to the emergency room at the Hospital in Cloppenburg."

Hoffmann underwent a CT and infusion after being diagnosed with a bad concussion and severe compression of the spine. 

With medication and a couple of days rest, we're hopfull will be ok. I'm extremely saddened to not be able to ride here in Cappeln!! Both Florentinus and Rubinio schooled so amazingly well yesterday morning and were in top form and super fit."

Hoffmann wore a helmet when the accident happened. 

"Thank god I was wearing a helmet as I think the situation had been much worse had I not.Lesson learned, never going to ride into the stable aisle again as you never know what could happen. I'm very lucky to have been wearing my helmet. I don't even want to begin to think about what worse could have happened!"

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