Busse, Fox, Andrew Receive Coach Award at 2012 Equine Canada Awards Gala

Thu, 02/23/2012 - 10:05
Ute Busse and Lindor's Finest at the 2010 Kentucky Cup CDI
Photo © Selena Frederick
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At the 2012 Equine Canada Awards Gala held 3 February 2012 in St. John’s, Newfoundland, the Canadian equestrian federation honoured certified coaches with the first annual coaching awards.

The first category was the Equine Canada/National Coaching Certification Program Coach Awards. These awards were for the coach or instructor that exemplifies the National Coaching Certification Program through coaching/teaching skills, concern for safety and equine welfare, business practice and support of the national rider and coaching programs. Over 50 nominations came in from all over the country from youth, adult amateurs, peers, employers and barn staff telling Equine Canada why each coach was doing a great job and deserved to be awarded.

Dressage Coach Award recipients
Coach 3 /High Performance Dressage — Ute Busse, Breslau, ON
Level 2 English Dressage — Deborah Fox, Ladysmith, BC

The Equine Canada Coaching Excellence Awards were also presented for the first time this year at the Gala.  The Excellence Awards recognize those who have made significant contributions to the development of Equine Canada coaching or rider programs.  Equine Canada programs like these are usually developed over several years and with the involvement of several dozen committee members and program leaders from across the country.  Contribution is largely on a volunteer basis and volunteers are usually practicing coaches with already charged schedules and other commitments.  With so many coaches involved in the creation of each new program or program revision, it would be easy for programs to get hung up in discussion loops, or progress interrupted by the understandable need for contributors to attend to their training and competitive season.

“The milestones achieved in 2011 would not have been possible without the will and commitment of project leaders to make it happen,” said Heather Sansom, Equine Canada Manager of Coaching. “Coaching Excellence recipients contributed hours of their personal time, going above and beyond to support their peers and invest in programs that impact coaches and athletes across the country.”

The Coaching Department would like to extend special thanks to the Ontario Equestrian Federation for their leadership in facilitating program pilots in several disciplines in 2011.  Also, special recognition goes to the following people for their outstanding commitment to the coaching and athlete development programs in 2011.

Dressage Coaching Excellence Award recipients
Recipient / Award / For over and above contribution to Equine Canada coaching program development

Victoria Andrew of Ottawa, ON / Program Leadership / Significant personal investment, leadership in team building and extensive program documentation resulting in achievement of approvals and significant milestones in all competitive coaching contexts in 2011.  Particular mention goes to her work drafting the Coach Specialist and High Performance programs in Dressage.

The annual coaching awards nomination forms will available on the Coaching section of the Equine Canada website near the end of 2012. Be sure to nominate coaches that need to be recognized for their hard work and dedication.

Photo © Selena Frederick/CHEVAL Photos

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