Dressage Decisions Made at 2011 FEI General Assembly

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 10:38
2011 World Cup Finals winner Adelinde Cornelissen
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FEI Dressage News

The 2011 FEI General Assembly approved the Technical Committee chairman’s report which included updates on the Dressage World Cup, an edication plan for judges as well as the new Olympic Grand Prix Special test.

The updates concerned:

FEI World Cup  Dressage: In accordance with the Task Force report a bidding process for the West European League was implemented. Thirteen bids were received; the Committee selected eight events which will constitute the League in the 2012/2013 season. The Committee is working to improve the quality of the other three Leagues.

Education: A proposal for an online training centre for Dressage judges was presented by the FEI Education and Standards Department.

A number of changes in the judging system was implemented, including the introduction of the Judges Supervisory Panel. A logbook with information on all judges has been developed and will be used to review the list of FEI judges every year.

Tests: The new Olympic Grand Prix Special test was introduced on 1 October 2011 and is mandatory as Grand Prix Special test. It will be re-evaluated after the 2012 Olympic Games and a decision for the future will be taken. All the other tests will be reviewed on a four year cycle. Shorter tests for pony riders (Team/Individual/Preliminary) will be introduced on 1 January 2012.

Modifications to the FEI Rules for Dressage Events, 24th edition, were approved. The main modifications include: Article 422.2.3 (Conditions of participation, Intermediate I Freestyle): it will be up to the organiser to make it mandatory or not to participate in the Freestyle (currently it is mandatory);

Article 422.3.8 (Conditions of participation, Starting Possibility at Senior Dressage Events): opening to have separate competitions for younger/limited age group of horses in both the small and big tour; Article 427.1 (Dress, Civilians): mandatory for all riders of 18 years and younger, and all riders on six-year and younger horses to wear protective headgear;

Article 446.4 (Championships – Organisation): for all championships, an athlete must have completed the first test to continue in the Championship. Annex I (Olympic Games) has been updated in accordance with the FEI Regulations for Equestrian Events at the Olympic Games, 23rd edition.

Article P-20.7 B: changes to the format of Pony European Championships These modifications will be effective 1 January 2012. The update Rules will be published on this page.

The following modification will be applicable as of 2013: Annex VII (Judges): introduction of rotation of Ground Juries in order to ensure that the same judges may not officiate at any event for more than three years.


The FEI Bureau approved the clarification to Art. 339.5.2.2 of the FEI Rules for Jumping Championships and the Olympic Games, 23rd edition regarding the team competition. This means that the provision that will apply for the 2012 Olympic Games will now read, “In case of equality of Penalties for any place teams retain the same starting place as in the first Competition”.

Furthermore, on the basis of guidance received from the IOC, it was clarified that if one member of a Dressage, Jumping, and Eventing team is disqualified for an anti- doping violation, the entire team would be disqualified. However, in Jumping the team members that did not commit the doping violation would still be able to keep their score for purposes of the individual placings.

The updated FEI Rules for Jumping Championships and the Olympic Games will be available on this page.


The FEI Executive Board took note that the IOC Executive Board had proposed to withdraw IOC recognition from the Netherlands Antilles National Olympic Committee NOC, following the formal dissolution of the Netherlands Antilles on 10 October 2010 and the new institutional and constitutional structure within the Kingdom of The Netherlands.

In line with the information received from the IOC, the following course of action was adopted by the General Assembly:

1. To withdraw FEI recognition of the Stichting Antilliaanse Hippische Sportbond (AHO NF).

2. To allow the qualification and participation of athletes from the former Netherlands Antilles for 2012 Olympic Games in London as independent athletes, under the Olympic flag and administered by the temporary administrative structure put in place by the former Netherlands Antilles NOC.
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3. The athletes of the former Netherlands Antilles to come under the jurisdiction of the Dutch Equestrian Federation.


Protective Headgear: The
Medical Committee prioritised rule changes promoting helmet use as part of its focus on athlete safety. A rule, which provides that the use of properly fastened protective headgear while riding on the show grounds is mandatory, was approved. The requirements while competing in each discipline are governed by the applicable sport rules. The GA agreed with the request of the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) to delay the implementation of this rule by one year so that it will become effective on 1 January 2013 in order to allow for a comprehensive educational programme.

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