Mirror Mirror on the Wall.. Do I Have the Best Position of Them All?

Wed, 03/21/2018 - 19:50
Mirrors for Training, an easy tool to correct your position

Mirrors for Training's mirrors are used and loved by riders who participate in all disciplines from dressage to eventing.... and they are ideal for leisure riders too. The company supplies and installs throughout Europe and at the Eurodressage Special Offer for Five Arena Mirrors delivered throughout Europe is 2,500 euro. 

The idea behind the success of arena mirrors is simple. We all know what its like you're schooling at home on a day you don't have a lesson and you feel a bit crooked or your horse isnt going as well as he should. Your on your own and you can feel that something isn't right..... but how do you correct it?

The problem is solved with arena mirrors as the instant visual feedback allows you to see what is wrong, correct your position, correct your horse and ride on!de

This idea can be used for jumping too: to help improve your horses straightness in the approach to and over the fences. Correcting these minor issues at the time can lead to better training techinque and much more productive schooling sessions.

The good news is that Mirrors for Training arena mirrors can be utilised whatever your set up or budget. They can be fitted to indoor schools, outdoor arenas.

One mirror can make a huge difference to your position.

Mirrors for Trainings Arena Mirrors are backed and framed in galvanised steel, for quality, strength and clarity of reflection, that is why we are the first choice for so many professional riders in this essential training aid. Our Mirrors don't warp.

For further information, email Andrea Bowen at info@mirrorsfortraining.co.uk or call +44 1902 791207