Swedish Police Suspects Arson at Flyinge State Stud

Fri, 12/29/2017 - 20:14
Flyinge state stud :: Photo © David Svensson

The Swedish police suspects arson at Flyinge based on their investigations of the two November fires that took place in a building at the legendary Swedish state stud.

The police interrogated no less than 250 people working and riding at the equestrian centre as well as the emergency personnel that worked the scene during and after the fires. 

The police believes these fires was not accidental and even speaks of arson, even though a culprit has not yet been found. 

On 16 November a first fire broke out in Flyinge which was originally categorized as accidental. However, one day later a second fire broke out in the same building, which raised suspicion with the police. 

"We have talked to the victims to see what might have been behind the fires, to determine that it was not an accident," police investigator Patrik Nyquist told to Swedish newspaper Sydsvenkan. "Is there anyone who has made threats, or someone who has been fired after a conflict or another controversy that could be behind it? We have not been able to find such a thing so far."

Material gathered at the burn site is currently being investigated in the lab

Source: Ridsport - Photo © David Svensson

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