Verden Auction: A Brand for Success!

Mon, 01/09/2017 - 11:21
Verden Auction News

Isabell Werth does it, Dorothee Schneider does it and Christian Ahlmann, too. Kristina Bröhring-Sprehe as well. They are all riding Hanoverian horses, discovered and purchased at one of the Verden auctions. Dressage star Kristina Bröhring-Sprehe, for example, celebrated her biggest successes with the Hanoverian stallion Desperados FRH by De Niro/Wolkenstein II. Desperados FRH originates from Verden from the stallion sales 2003. He won the team Gold medal at the Olympic Games in Rio and is in the lead of the worldwide ranking again in 2016 of the WBFSH.

One horse particularly shined in Rio de Janeiro: No less than the cover hero of the Verden Auction on January 21, 2017, team gold medallist Entebbe de Hus. He won an amazing title with the French team and his rider Karim Florent Laghouag: team Olympic champion. He had already won the bronze medal at the European Championships in Blair Castle in 2015 with the tricolour team. Many international victories and placements turn Entebbe de Hus into one of the most successful event horses worldwide. Discovered in Verden – successful all over the world!

There are countless success stories of former Verden auction horses. On every continent. But they are not only written at international show grounds, but also in home riding clubs and private neighbouring stables. Whether at rural tournaments, junior or senior competitions, in development or cross country tests or while hacking through forests and trails – former Verden auction horses have one thing in common: they are reliable sport and pleasure partners.

But what exactly is the story behind the brand Verden Auction (VA)? How does an auction work and how to purchase an auction horse?

The Verden auction concept is very simply and addresses all those who would like to buy a horse. An auction is held in the Riders’ Town of Verden, more precisely in the Niedersachsenhalle, every two months. Riding horses, foals, brood mares, licensed and non-licensed stallions are offered for sale. The Hannoveraner Verband, an association of breeders, hosts and organizes the Verden auctions. Hanoverian breeding products are sold and change owner at the Verden auctions. The auction venue Verden saves time-intensive searching for horses in different stables. There is a huge selection of horses at one place.

Can every horse become a Verden auction horse?

Verden auction horses have to meet high requirements. A selection committee inspects and chooses among some 500 riding horses, presented by their breeders. The selection criteria are strict with high demands being placed on quality. Horses are chosen for all equestrian disciplines. The focus is on dressage, show jumping, pleasure riding and eventing.

Riding horse auctions are held in January, March, May, July, October and November with some 100 riding horses, suitable for dressage, show jumping, pleasure riding and eventing, being offered for sale. Average age of the horses is three to five. The collections are compiled so as to match all the different demands. Horse’s health has top priority in Verden. All riding horses are X-rayed and checked by the vet. The results are available with the vet office and can also be viewed online. The riding horses are published online on the Internet including photo, video clip, pedigree and description one month prior to the auction and also presented in an auction brochure.

What is the schedule of the Verden Auction?

The horses arrive in Verden two weeks before the auction, at the start of the training period. They are then shown publicly by the riders of the Hannoveraner Verband during daily training. Interested parties and potential customers are invited to watch the horses while being trained in groups. Time to follow the presentation of the young horses, similar to the performances they present in young horse development classes. And time to learn more about the horses from the customer advisors of the Hannoveraner Verband who will be pleased to assist you in finding your perfect match.

It is possible to test your favourite horse after the presentation. Accompanied and mentored by customer advisor and rider, the customers have the opportunity to mount their favourite horse. After the test riding date, the way leads to the vet office to look at the X-rays and clinical reports. The X-rays of the individual horses are also available online.
See here see video: behind the scenes of the Verden Auction

The auction day

The day of the auction approaches. The auction is the highlight of each auction period and is held in the Niedersachsenhalle with the possibility to welcome more than 2,500 visitors. We recommend ordering seat tickets by email in advance to ensure best possible visual contact with the auctioneer. Although you should not miss to attend the auction live, we also provide the service of telephone bidding. Return the completed bidding order, available on our website, by email. Our employees will call you as soon as your favourite horse enters the auction arena.

The auction starts as of 03:00 pm. The horses will enter the auction arena in the order of catalogue numbers. No. 1 is the first horse of the auction. There is buzz in the air when the fanfare sounds and the first horse enters the auction arena. Visitors’ faces on the stands are filled with excitement as their glances wander from auctioneer and bidding customers to the horse that is quietly trotting up and down the arena of the Niedersachsenhalle, not knowing that it is the main actor of a thrilling spectacle. And then: the gavel is going down! The horse is sold, the new owners are happy and the audience honours the purchase with applause.

Such scenes happen almost every month in Verden. Each auction has its own dynamic, each auction is different, but the principles are always the same. Exhibitor and purchaser meet at the stall of the horse after acceptance of the bid. Rider and groom will be pleased to assist in the communication.    

The auction invoice

The purchased horse can be directly paid in cash after the auction. Against presentation of your passport, an invoice will be issued to easily settle the purchase amount from home. The staff of the Hannoveraner Verband continues its service for the horse until it will be picked up. The horses are ridden and provided with everything they need. The training includes many relaxing units – forwards/downwards is the motto. The auction office assists you in organising the transport to the new stable and establishes the contact with forwarders, also specialized in oversea exports.

It is also possible to have the purchased horse trained for a longer period in Verden and to have the professional experts of the Hannoveraner team taking care of it. Presentations at horse shows included.

Your way to Verden

… is pretty simple. Thanks to the good co-operation with the airline Lufthansa, we have the opportunity to offer customers who would like to travel to Verden by airplane, favourable flight offers.

The advantages are obvious

In summary, we can say that the Verden auction is the perfect opportunity for all horse searchers. Interesting and attractive collections are compiled every two months, for all levels and budgets and for all kinds of equestrian sport. Dressage, show jumping, event and pleasure riders will find a talented and loyal partner with their Verden auction horse.

Selected for the market and objectively offered to the customers – this is the credo. The Verden auctions were launched more than 60 years ago – 1949 – by visionary Hans Joachim Köhler to support breeders in the sale of their animals. And they still service this purpose. The intention is, of course, to offer the perfect horse for riders and breeders. Satisfying customer’s needs is the motivation of all members of staff of the Training and Sales Centre.

The formerly developed system is still applied today. There were of course regular changes and improvements, but the foundation remained untouched: the auction venue Verden distinguishes itself until today by thorough selection of auction candidates, high demands on quality, rideability, character, health and a corresponding training period in Verden, before the horses are put up for auction – these features characterize the first-class reputation worldwide.

Verden Auction on January 21

Are you planning to purchase a horse? The collection of the Verden Auction on January 21 features stars of tomorrow and friends for a lifetime. We will be happy to present an exquisite collection of dressage, show jumping, eventing and pleasure horses! The collection includes 98 riding horses, thoroughly chosen, test ridden and vet checked – for you!

Welcome to the Verden Auction! Take your seat in the Niedersachsenhalle, attend the auction training from January 9 – 21 and arrange a test riding date with our customer advisors. We will find your perfect match! 

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