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Fri, 03/18/2016 - 08:52
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The New US PRE Catalog of Breeders and Breeding Stock is an exciting way to market and publicize your amazing horses and your successful breeding program.  Search the existing breeders, see how you can join this elite group of breeders and PRE owners. The Catalog is fully searchable, by farm name, horse, owner, and more.  Take a minute now and look at the farms that have already built their sites. 

By subscribing and building your own site in this Catalog, you will have access to the over 26,000 friends on USPRE Facebook.  Each time you add a horse, or post a news story, this will link to the Facebook page where thousands see it everyday.... and can link to your page in the USPRE Catalog.  It's an efficient, simple, and exciting way to communicate to the PRE world.  

It's Social Media for the P.R.E Horse ! Discover the catalog at


  • Every Farm has a Home Page with Cover Photo, farm logo, and gallery pictures designated areas for Description and Farm Philosophy.
  • Individual page for each featured animal, with descriptions and bloodlines of each, including ability to post videos.  ANCCE designations attached to each eligible horse.

Data Base

  • Powerful Search mechanism to search entire catalog by all fieldshorse data, bloodlines, news, key words, etc.
  • Auto-fill on bloodlines, as database grows.


  • Ability to make public posts, or direct to all Subscribers.
  • Ability to private message, with alert system that utilises email.
  • Ability to chat.


  • Subscriber-managed News feature with photos.
  • Homepage Gallery of Featured Stock


  • Mechanism to identify and promote Sales Horses

The USPRE Catalog is strongly connected to Facebook. All news postings and new horses added will generate a Facebook post with a link back to
your page.  It includes a feature that accesses the USPRE Facebook page,
which will alert over 28,000 people This is a priceless marketing
feature that is sure to build awareness of your farm and its

Discover the features of the USPRE Catalog in this keynote/tutorial presentation.

USPRE offers special introductory prices for members and non members: Subscribe now