British Pony, Junior and Young Rider Squads for 2013-2014 Announced

Sat, 10/19/2013 - 11:03
British Dressage News

Following recent under-21s viewing days in Great Britain the selectors of British Dressage have chosen the following riders to be members of the 2013-2014 squads. British selectors have divided the squads into several groups, distinguishing pony riders between squad training and national training. The British junior and young riders are each divided into no less than three categories: prime, progress and potential.

The squads are under constant review and riders can be moved up and down according to their current situation and the moves are to help the riders in their development. Selectors reserve the right to amend these lists as appropriate.

The British FEI pony riders had a viewing day held at Vale View equestrian centre in Leicestershire on Saturday 7 September 2013. The junior and young riders had their viewing day on Saturday 12 October 2013.

Photo © Astrid Appels

Pony Riders - Squad Training

  • Rebecca Bell and Valido’s Sunshine
  • Rebecca Bell and Valido’s Starlight
  • Isobel Berrington and DHI Langar
  • Angus Corrie-Deane and Grayswood Orlando
  • Alex Hellings and Der Kleine Lord
  • Clare Hole and Bernwode Brokat
  • Bethany Rose Horobin and Gigolo
  • Rose Hugh-Smith and Holsteins Derwisch
  • Lara Kuropatwa and Le Chiffre
  • Phoebe Peters and SL Lucci
  • Reserve: Alex Rowe and Ferrari

Pony Riders - National Training

  • Imogen Ablett and Dance of Joy
  • Emily Atkins and Braeglan Symphony
  • Emily Attwood and Benthli
  • Emma Bond and Dalestown Rose
  • Ollie Booth and DHI Good Luck
  • Charlie Grieve and Monticello
  • Lara Kuropatwa and Mister Snowman
  • Olivia Moriano and Master Alexander
  • Emma Neil and Sheepcote Romeo
  • Vicky Povey and Machno Rembrandt
  • Tia Quinn and Bookhamlodge Fantasia
  • India Sheridan and Top Star
  • Sophie Taylor and Carlsson
  • Harriet Walker-Smith and Ronaldo VI

Pony Riders - Reserves

  • Megan Roberts and Machno Countryman
  • Charlotte McDowall and Felinmoor Buddy
  • India Sheridan and DHI Smart Move
  • Georgia Twaddell and Lightning Lumiere
  • Merlyn Latimer-Smith and Reve D’Or

Junior Riders - Prime

  • Charlotte Fry and Remming
  • Jessica Gale and Umbro S
  • Maisie Scruton and Hot Chocolate
  • Chloe Vell and Kaja Di Valentina
  • Erin Williams and Fleurie

Junior Riders - Progress

  • Charlotte Dicker and Catherston Springsteen
  • Alice Edmonds and Broadstone Jackanory
  • Ruth Hole and Winnetou GEP
  • Bethany Shipley and Wanour S
  • Jessica Wade and Lord Nelson IV
  • Harriette Williams and Diamondez

Junior Riders - Potential

  • Izzy Chaplin and Taijdora
  • Ella Cotterill and Mibikus
  • Emily Hedger and O’Donner
  • Lily Latimer Smith and Classic Vazire
  • Lauren Ruffle and Royal Lady

Young Riders - Prime

  • Emma Corbett and Furst Diamantino
  • Eilidh Grant and Comanche Crumble
  • Pippa Hutton and Belmondo/Duela
  • Jessica Knapton and Di Spirito
  • Olivia Oakeley and Donna Summer
  • Samantha Thurman-Baker and Douglas IV
  • Ryan Todd and Charlex Eskebjerg
  • Olivia Towers and Flyaway Wish

Young Riders - Progress

  • Pippa Corbett and Saphier van het Overwater
  • Gaby Lucas and Laurentius II

Young Riders - Potential

  • Deborah Christie and Donatello D
  • Elspeth Day and Me Delilah
  • Ella Garfoot and Walansky
  • Shannon Rule and Disco Diamond
  • Jade Struthers and Far Afield
  • Tamsin Vaughan and Casse-Cou

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