Packed Crowd at Warm Up for 2005 World Cup Finals

Thu, 04/21/2005 - 00:00
2005 World Cup Finals

Australian reporter Chris Hector dropped Eurodressage a note that the atmostphere in the Thomas and Mack Center is absolutely amazing one day before the start of the competition.

"The warmup has a packed crowd that paid to come and see 15 minute warm ups," Hector wrote.

The enthusiasm of American dressage fans is genetically determined, so one can already imagine what a great atmosphere there will be the next few days, keeping the superb Saturday Freestyle Night at Dressage at Devon in mind with people clapping and cheering in the middle of the ride.

Hector also confirmed that Danish Blue Hors Cavan looked the best in the warm up, while the Dutch horses seemed more stressed and sweaty in the air conditioned arena of the Thomas & Mack Center. The Heat is rising in Las Vegas!!

Here are a few snap shots of the Warm Up Day, courtesy Chris Hector and Roz Neave of the Australian Horse Magazine

Photo courtesy The Horse Magazine

Eurodressage Coverage of the 2004-2005 World Cup Finals